28th Annual
Safety Excellence Awards

Safety Excellence Awards Banquet

The 28th Annual Safety Excellence Awards banquet was held on March 21st, 2024 at L’Auberge Resort Baton Rouge with over 700 in attendance. 

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Safety Excellence Awards Overview

The GBRIA Safety Excellence Awards Program recognizes the commendable safety performance of industrial contractor firms and GBRIA member industrial facilities. The awards are intended to convey strong support by GBRIA members of contractor and plant safety performance, recognizing that contractors have the primary responsibility for the execution of on-site safety while working together with plants and construction project owners to ensure a safe workplace.


Nomination Window: December 4, 2023 – January 12, 2024
Applications Due: February 9, 2024
Category Award Selection Meeting: February 29, 2024
Hal G. Ginn, Innovation, and Community Service Awards Selection Meeting: March 7, 2024
Banquet and Awards Ceremony: March 21, 2024

Completed Nomination Form by a GBRIA member (plant site)
Any nominated contractor who experienced a fatality in 2023 is ineligible to receive an award.
Any nominated contractor who received any repeat or willful violations or citations from OSHA or other regulatory agencies in 2023 is ineligible to receive an award.

All submitted applications are reviewed by GBRIA staff to ensure completion and adherence to the provided instructions and entry qualifications.
Each qualifying application is reviewed and scored by three (3) GBRIA member representatives utilizing the scoring guidance listed below.
The average score between judges will be used to determine award placement.

Application Section Scoring
0 Points: Program or practice does not meet minimum requirements, or no response is given.
1 Point: Program or practice only meets minimum requirements or not enough detail is provided.
2 Points: Program or practice is commonly or widely adopted for industry.
3 Points: Program or practice good to above average for industry.
4 Points: Program or practice is considered exemplary/far exceeds industry.

Overall Application Scoring
0 Points: The application is incomplete or missing significant sections and/or attachments.
1 Point: The application shows the beginnings of systemic processes/efforts but is below the expectations of industrial contractors or the application lacks completeness.
2 Points: The application shows sound, systemic processes/efforts that correspond with baseline expectations for industrial contractors, i.e., lacking evidence of continuous improvement, leadership across all levels of the program, etc.
3 Points: The application shows sound, systemic processes/efforts, and methods of continuous improvement, indicating practices that are above average for industrial contractors.
4 Points: The application shows exemplary systemic processes/efforts, mature programs with sustained results, and indicates world-class programs/practices. 


Completion of form by close of business on February 9, 2024. Applications received after this date cannot be processed due to schedule restrictions. Please contact GBRIA early if you anticipate a delay.

Complete all information requested in this document to be considered for an award. All applications must be filled out and emailed to brandon@gbria.org by February 9, 2024.
Complete the GBRIA Safety Excellence Awards Benchmarking Report Survey by February 9, 2024. Note: Completion of both forms is required to be considered for an award.
•Photos, Diagrams, and Visual Aides ONLY (No additional text pages)
•MUST be attached as ONE PDF document.
•250-word max for each question, unless otherwise specified.
•Provide 2023 OSHA 300a.

The application has five sections. Please note: Each section has a word limit which is specified in each question.


Section 1: Commitment
1. How does management demonstrate its commitment to safety? (Initiatives and Involvement).

2. How do Front Line Leaders demonstrate their commitment to safety?
3. How do Front Line Workers demonstrate their commitment to safety?
Question: How does your company recognize safety accomplishments, behaviors, and performance? (Reference Document Required)
4. What methods are utilized to allow front-line leaders and workers to provide input on safety programs?

Section 2: Training and Development

5. Describe how your company develops and sustains leaders (general leadership).
6. How are employee’s key safety skills developed to recognize and mitigate hazards (safety leadership)?
7. How do you ensure that training is relevant and effective?
8. What programs do you have in place to encourage reporting of incidents and near misses? (Reference Document Required)

Section 3: Learning Organization
9. Describe your organization’s incident investigation process.
10. How do you capture lessons learned from incidents/near misses and how are they implemented?
11. What kind of auditing (internal and external) processes are implemented within your company to proactively learn and improve? (Reference Document Required)
12. How does your company use leading or lagging indicators to improve and sustain performance?

Section 4: Innovation
13. Please share an instance where your company has implemented or is developing a unique solution to workplace safety.
14. How does your company share and/or adopt industry safety best practices outside your organizations from regional networks, peers, or other industries?
15. What unique and innovative training program(s) is your company using to adapt to the current workforce and reach today’s employees?
16. How does your company continuously improve work processes that are successful?
17. Provide up to three (3) programs that you consider to be Industry Best Practices that your company has implemented within the past three (3) years. *Indicate which year the practice was implemented. Responses to this question will be considered for the GBRIA Innovation in Safety Award * 400-word max*(Reference Document Required)

Section 5: Community Service (optional section to compete for the Community Service Award)
18. Please share what community service projects your company participated in or led within the GBRIA region in 2023.

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